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Magisso Stainless Steel Cheese Knife

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The Magisso Balanced Serving Set is the best addition to your kitchen for a simpler and classier dining experience. Slice, cut, and serve your cheese, pies, cakes, and butters with sleek stylish accessories. For cheese aficionados and pastry gourmands. For parties and everyday life. All the style of a 5-star restaurant in the comfort of your own home. The Magisso Balance Serving Set is designed to sit neatly on the side of the server, instead of flat on the table. This prevents any food or residue that might be on your utensil from getting on your nice tables or tablecloths. Perfect for people who enjoy fine dining in elegance in their very own home. Each product is made of premium stainless steel and is suitable for your favorite pies, cakes, butter, and cheese. The handle has a thicker, comfortable construction that feels wonderful in your hand while serving. The stainless steel is solid and perfect for even your toughest pastries, coldest butters, and every style of cheese. All Magisso products are made with desire to solve problems and create beautiful designs. We work with a team of talented designers who understand and value Finnish forms and functions. Each product is meticulously planned to add convenience and style to your home and life. Package contains (1) Magisso Cheese Knife in Stainless Steel. Each product sold separately. Material: Stainless Steel. Dishwasher Safe. Designed for Magisso by Maria Kivijarvi. Finnish design.
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