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Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramics White Line 9.4 inch Salad or Serving Bowl

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Made of naturally cooling ceramic, this handsome black-and-white serving bowl will keep fruits, salad and other chilled foods fresh for hours. To keep the bowl at the perfect temperature, simply soak it in cold water for 60 seconds. As the water evaporates, the bowl naturally cools the contents, maintaining a constant cool temperature for up to four hours. The matte black exterior is chalk-friendly, enabling you to label wines or add a fun, personal note. Established in Helsinki in 2008, Magisso has earned numerous awards for designing beautiful products that address everyday problems.
The bowl is 9.4 in. L x 9.4 in. W x 4.2 in. H and is dishwasher safe. The longer the bowl sits in the open air, the cooler it becomes. Perfect for fruit, pasta and green salads.
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